Kirsten Erin is a writer of fanfiction. She has written numerous fanfictions for many fandoms, but in the Newsies fandom she's most famous for her More Than Blood series.&nbsp

The first is called We Run the Papes, which is a retelling of Newsies, with the addition of Jack Kelly's sister, Alison Kelly, more commonly known as Al or Cap. She eventually ends up with David Jacobs, the famous 'Walking Mouth.'

The second installment is named How the World Turns, in which Jack's position as the head of Manhattan is threatened, and David and Al are targets. Kid Blink eradicates the threat.

The third and so far the final installment of the More Than Blood series has yet to be completed. Al is married to David, and she's pregnant. Jack's coming home to New York, and a new girl turns up.

Kirsten Erin is one of the most popular and influential Fansie writers of the past few months. Her writing is free of any grammar or spelling errors, and she accurately portrays every character. Her OC's (original characters) are created well, without many of the major flaws of a badly written OC. Kirsten Erin's writing fits everything she writes, and her writing leaves every Fansie who reads it begging for more.