Les Jacobs is one of the youngest newsies. He looks up to Jack Kelly as his hero. Usually hangs out with all the newsies including Jack Kelly 

Early LifeEdit

Les was born around 1889-1890 saying himself that he is "near 10".

Les is the brother of David Jacobs and Sarah Jacobs. He lives in a tenement with his family and seems to like hot dogs.

Newsie NameEdit

Les has not been given a Newsies name yet and is just called by his regular name. Maybe he will obtain a name that has something to do with his wooden sword or the hotdog that helped win the strike.

Strike DaysEdit

Les and his brother David have to become newsboys when their father breaks his arm in an accident at the factory and is unable to work.

David is hesitant to join the strike but Les is ready to strike and wants to be just like Jack Kelly.

Les helps out with the strike in an unexpected way when he saves his hotdog in the paper that Denton wrote his un-printed story on.