Mush is a kind, naive Manhattan newsie. He is good friends with Racetrack and Kid Blink.

(He is shipped with Kid Blink. Blush, very popular) -#Thisshipisamazing #Leavetheshipalone

From Mush's trading card bio: Considers himself Jack’s muscle and confidant. Came to the group missing front teeth, giving him a slight speech impediment and his nickname. Lives in Harlem and plans on eventually opening the most happening juke joint in all of New York!

Early lifeEdit

All that is known is that Mush probably had hardship with money so he became a newsie. He is, just like most of the newsies, considered to be quite a handsome fellow.

Strike daysEdit

Mush was one of a lot of newsies that were afraid to strike without support but helped when Brooklyn and the other boroughs joined. The real Mush was known to be pretty smart, as he figured out how to beat up a scabber without getting caught by the police.

Newsie NameEdit

The real "Mush" Meyers earned his name because he was very romantic, or "mushy". The Mush from the movie was named because his complexion was the color of oatmeal, or "mush".