Anthony "Racetrack" Higgins is a gambling, joke-cracking, Manhattan newsie, close friends to Kid Blink and Mush.

Early lifeEdit

Racetrack is one of the older newsies in Manhattan, but no one really knows much of his past.

Strike daysEdit

Racetrack hated the strike completely. They organized the rally at Irving Hall.

Newsie nameEdit

Racetrack's real name is Anthony Higgins, but he earned his nickname from his love of gambling and how he often watched horse races for fun.


Racetrack Higgins is played by the actor Max Casella.

Is he based off one of the Real Newsies? Edit

Yes, indeed he is! Racetrack is NOT ` one of the real Newsies who led the 1899 strike. He started the strike then left Kid Blink and moved.

Relationships Edit

Kid Blink - Racetrack and Kid Blink are best friends, they also sleep in the same bunk bed.

Mush - Racetrack and Mush are close friends.

Skittery - Skittery and Racetrack often fight with each other on a daily basis.

Spot - Racetrack and Spot are in an intimate relationship, which started with Racetrack selling his papers in Brooklyn.

Who's he Shipped with? Edit

He is often shipped with Spot Conlon (Sprace, very popular) or Savannah