Full Name: Skittery Edit

Status: Manhattan Newsie

How he got his name: Skittery seems to be cautious or nervous when it comes to new things.

Characteristics: He is the pessimist of the Newsies. Skittery is aways voicing his opinion, and is generally the downer of the group.

Close Friends: Specs and Dutchy. He and Racetrack are also pretty close because they have no problem smacking each other around.

Family: Where Skittery came from no one is exactly sure. However when Tumbler comes to the lodging house as a small child, Skittery takes him in and trains him to be a Newsie.

Wardrobe: PINK! He has long Pink underwear, that he is often seen in.

Physical Appearance : Fair skin, brown hair, large brown eyes, and hot abs.