The real strike of 1899 was lead by a one-eyed newsie named Kid Blink.

The StrikeEdit

In 1899, with the wars going on, newsies were able to sell more papers than usual. The headlines and stories were great and they were making a lot of money. Pulitzer and Hearst, the owners of the two biggest newspapers at the time, however spent a lot of money covering these wars and wanted to regain the lost money. They talked together and decided that since they couldn't increase the price of the paper to the customers, they would increase the price to the newsies from 50 cents per 100 paper to 60 cents per 100 papers. Because the stories and news was very good, the newsies then didn't mind, as they could still count on selling all their papers. But when the war ended, all the newspapers lowered the price again. Except for the "The New York World" and "The New York Journal", which were run by Pulitzer and Hearst. That's when the change really started to hit the newsies hard. Now they couldn't depend on always selling all their papers,which meant hte loss of a lot of money. Then in Staten Island, some newsies found out hte paper wagon had been cheating them and they were furious. They destroyed the papers and knocked over the wagon. Word came back to Pulizer, but since he didn't see the boys as a threat, he just hired some thugs to take care of them. but the newsies weren't afraid and fought back. They hosted a giant rally at a Irving Hall, filled with the newsies, sweatshop kids, and even adults who supported them. They gave speeches and provided entertainment. Basically, it was a big protest right under Pulitzer's nose, and he couldn't do anything about it.

The NewsiesEdit

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