Name: Tumbler

Status: Manhattan Newsy; the youngest one.

How He Got His Name: One theory is that he falls or tumbles a lot.

Family: Skittery is like his older brother

Friends: Boots a little bit, and Les Jacobs. David, Les's older brother, isn't sure if he wants Les around Tumbler since Tumbler gets into trouble.

Story: No one is really sure how Tumbler became a newsy. He was about 8 when the strike happened. When he first came to the lodging hose with a group of the older Newsys' he was about 2. Skittery basically raised him and taught him everything there is to know about being a Newsy. He even helped Skittery sell his papers, because younger sell's better. Tumbler doesn't mind at all though. Since he didn't have a mother or father teaching him right from wrong he grew up copying the older Newsys. He began lying, stealing, cheating and hurting others to get what he wants. But he never really knew better. He is quite good at stealing though it often get's him and others in trouble. Boot's tried to teach him good manners though. That went about as well as you can imagine.